20 no.2
Vol. 20, No. 2, 2019
632 pages / 31 Articles
John A. Lent 1

A 20-Year Harvest of Comic Art Scholarship: International Journal of Comic Art--1999-2018

Edited by John A. Lent


A Symposium on Political Cartoons

Rob Rogers


Six in a Row? That Has to Be Some Kind of Record!

Haydon Manning and Robert Phiddian


The Editorial Cartoon’s Fading Impact -- The State of Play in Australia at the Federal Election of 2016 and Beyond

John A. Lent


The New Wave of Investigative Cartooning  in South Korea

Benjamin Wai-ming Ng


Drawing Chinese Political Cartoons in Japan: Blessing in Disguise or Trade-off?

Leonard Rifas


The Politics of Underground Comix and the Environmental Crisis

Richard Scully


Mark Knight vs Serena Williams -- Crossing the Line: Offensive and Controversial Cartoons in the 21st Century -- “The View from Australia” -- Part Two

Lim Cheng Tju


Morgan Chua (1949 -- 2018) and  Political Cartooning in Singapore

Sara S. Elmaghraby


Cartooning Poverty: Are Cartoonists Helping Sustainable Development in Egypt?

José Alaniz


“Hippies” and Pacifism in Igor Kolgarev’s Militariisk Comics

Milind Ranade


Discovering Tom Browne and His Postcards

Jeffrey SJ Kirchoff


Beyond the Printed Page: Dementia, Graphic Medicine, and Digital Comics

Janis Breckenridge and Maia Watkins


Reading Between the Lines: Drawing on the Horrors of Disappearance in “Un asesino anda suelto”

Mike Rhode


A Chat with Izar Lunaček of Slovenia

Izar Lunacek


A Brief History of Slovenian

Melanie Hernandez


Currier & Ives’s Darktown Series: Recovering White Social Capital through Violent Satire

Tomasz Żaglewski


Superhero Sentimentalism. Analyzing the Social Media Nostalgia for the First Wave of American Comics in Poland

Jean Braithwaite


Navigating Jimmy Corrigan: Time, Space, and Puzzles, Including Pagination

Marlene Pohle


A Cartoonist Chronicler of Cartoonists’ Confabs

William H. Foster III


March Graphic Novel: “American History Lives Again”

Steve Danziger


Malice, Metaphysics, and Mengele -- Holocaust Motifs and the Renunciation of Evil in EC Horror Comics

Robyn Johnson


Bishie Man or Woman, It Matters Not:
Grotesque Resistance to Heteronormative Love in Yu Wo’s ½ Prince

Citlaly Aguilar Campos


Liminality and Meta-fiction in Comics: The Ayotzinapa Case by Augusto Mora

João Batista Freitas Cardoso and Caio Mattos Moreira Cardoso


The V Mask in Translation: From Commercial to Subversive Systems

Ken Junior Lipenga 478 Intersections of Sex and Violence in Preacher
Ignacio Fernández Sarasola 493

Crime News:
Blaming Comic Books for Crimes Committed During the “Golden Age”

J.T.H. Connor 518

Behind the Scenes of the “War in Comics” Exhibit: An Interview withCanada’s Andrew Loman and Irene Velentzas

Paola Moreno Izaguirre 525 Art Toy as Anatomical Sketch
Northrop Davis 536 Legendary Hollywood Designer Syd Mead’s Important Contributions to Landmark Anime
Barry Pearl 542 Charles M. Schulz: Cartoons Without Peanuts
John A. Lent 561 Reminiscences
John A. Lent 571 The Printed Word
David Kunzle 574 A Review Essay

Kirsten Møllegaard
Dominick Grace
Mike Rhode
Varsha Singh
José Alaniz

590 Book Reviews

Mike Rhode
Dana Jeri Maier
Carli Spina
Emily Lauer


Exhibition and Media Reviews
Edited by Mike Rhode